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A video guide for Part 1 – “Prelife” – of Teilhard’s “The Human Phenomenon”

The Human Phenomenon, part 1

We must be Almost Home, if the strength of the yearning is at all a measure of the possibility. This video tries to convey that.

Home Again – The Journey of Return

The word “Apocalypse” does NOT mean catastrophe and collapse. It means “the unveiling of something important that had been deeply hidden.”

All Things New

A song of Good Friday. Peter and the women, at the Cross.

Three Times I Denied You

The awakening of the Noosphere requires (and ignites) a new kind of consciousness. Raimon Panikkar was an embodiment of that.

Toward Non-Dual Consciousness

A prayer of Gratitude for everything that we are, everything that we have, everything  that we know.  This prayer is also included in the video “A Prayer for Our Planet.”

Prayer to the Creator

Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010) was one of the most important visionaries of modern times in the area of cross-cultural spirituality and contemplative, non-dual awareness.

“The Window” by Raimon Panikkar

a celebration of the glory and the pain of being alive and awake on our beautiful, fragile planet. A hymn to emergence.

A Prayer for Our Planet

This video explores a theme that is crucial to an evolutionary, “Teilhardian” vision. The planetary awakening of Teilhard’s “Noosphere” depends on a cross-boundary love that goes heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, center to center. This little video is a report from We-Space, in rhyme, images and music.    “Based on a true story,” as they say…

Awakening – In Your Eyes