"All that Rises Must Converge", says Teilhard de Chardin. But we seem to be choosing collapse, rather than rising. Perhaps that's because of our arrogance in thinking

One of Teilhard’s most often-quoted lines is “All that rises must converge.” But in our present moment of evolutionary change, as the Anthropocene Era cross-fades into a

It seems to me There was a time when I was not alone. There seems to be the mem'ry of a place and time when I was

for Roger Rapp and Scott Eastham, and the teacher of us all: Raimon PanikkarI believe you’ll be singingthe songs that you sangI can’t remember back whenI think

​My wife Alison and I are driving with our daughter and son-in-law across the bridge toward San Francisco. Ali and I are in the back seat, with