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Inspired by, and extending,
the vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


I'm your host, Ernie Tamminga. I'm a "Planet Empath", which is a source of joy, exhilaration and sorrow, often all at the same time. If that describes you, too, I hope you'll find something worthwhile here. If you're curious to know more about me and this website, take a look here.

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A video guide for Part 1 – “Prelife” – of Teilhard’s “The Human Phenomenon”

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a celebration of the glory and the pain of being alive and awake on our beautiful, fragile planet. A hymn to emergence.

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from Diane Pendola: Reflections and a Prayer, for restoring and renewing the sacred land that supports our lives

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“You are the Crown of Creation – and you’ve got no place to go.”

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